Welcome to Elyssia

Hello and welcome to the new website of Elyssia, the voice of Danish mezzo soprano Marianne Lihannah and the sounds of English musician Paul Landry.

Elyssia came about when Paul was looking for a soprano voice for one of his compositions that Marianne came in on, when it was decided they could do more music together so off Marianne went to lay down her vocal tracks whilst Paul had some other compositions for her to sing on. Now busy creating much more!

And here we are. The first collection of songs will be on Elyssia's first album, A Sound For Sore Souls, a play on words of a sight for sore eyes, and will feature new age and ambient music styles along with Marianne's beautiful singing and vocal arrangements.

So please do peruse the website and take advantage of the free download offer by joining our mailing list. Please do follow us on social media and head over to our YouTube channel for our latest videos and please subscribe to the channel. All the links on the website.

That's it for now, thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Our Very best wishes